Try To Learn Replacement Sunglasses Lenses Yourself | OOLVS

Try To Learn Replacement Sunglasses Lenses Yourself | OOLVS
Congratulations on purchasing a new pair of glasses! You’ve no doubt spent a significant amount of time searching out just the perfect pair to fit your lifestyle. You’ve finally found the one that says “stylish and fun” or “mature working professional,” depending on your personality. The glasses are part of you now, and worth the time it took to decide upon a pair – to say nothing of the financial investment of hundreds of dollars that they cost you. It was painful, but absolutely worth it, because you not only look great, but you can see great too.
A few months from now, your brand new glasses are likely going to be scratched. Are you going to go through the whole process all over again, and spend all that money and time buying a brand new pair of glasses? You certainly could. Or you could consider eyeglass lens replacement instead.

Before you go eyeglass lens replacement shopping, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Check to see if your lenses are covered under a warranty. If your lenses are polycarbonate, they might still be covered under the 1 year warranty for scratches and dents. If they are made out of the cheaper plastic, you will have to pay for the replacement lenses yourself.

2. Frames generally outlast the lenses themselves. For many glasses, the frame is the most expensive part and eyeglass lens replacement will save you money.

3. Even if your glasses are not scratched, but instead you receive a new prescription from your eye doctor, eyeglass lens replacement may be a better choice for you than buying a new pair of glasses.

4. Many places require both lenses to be replaced simultaneously, but some will replace a solitary lens.

5. Eyeglass lens replacement works for both prescription glasses and sunglasses.


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