LENS CARE - How to Care for Sunglasses Prescription Lenses | OOLVS

LENS CARE - How to Care for Sunglasses Prescription Lenses | OOLVS
Help your eyewear live a long happy life. A little care can go a long way to keeping your eyewear and lenses in top shape. Here are a few tips:


    • To keep your sunglasses and lenses clear and ready to perform, we provide an ultrasoft OOLVS Microfiber bag with every order for easy cleaning and storage. When cleaning your lenses, we recommend first blowing on your lenses or rinsing them with fresh water to remove any loose particles that could potentially scratch your lens. Then, simply rub them clean with the provided bag or a clean cotton cloth. For more stubborn spots, try an eyewear cleaning spray or mild liquid soap and warm water.


    • Store your eyewear in the provided eyewear bag and case when not in use. If you lost your soft cloth bag or would like another, you can buy an OOLVS Microfiber Sunglass Bag here.

    What to Avoid

    • Never use paper products such as tissues or paper towels on your lenses — they'll leave micro scratches.
    • Don't leave your sunglasses and lenses in a bag or your pocket with keys, loose change, or other items that could scratch your lenses or damage your frames.
    • Avoid leaving your sunglasses on your car dashboard—extremely hot temperatures can warp your frames and cause the layers in your lenses to pull apart.
    • Avoid alcohol-based cleaners, saltwater, and chlorine as these substances can damage OOLVS® coatings. If your lenses are exposed to these substances, rinse them with fresh water to keep the coating intact.


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