Do You Know? Ray-Ban is Also a Military Glasses Brand

Do You Know? Ray-Ban is Also a Military Glasses Brand

1, Ray-Ban is a brand of glasses that is popular all over the world. Among them, Ray-Ban's sunglasses are one of the characteristics, especially the aviator sunglasses. This is Ray-Ban's first classic design, although Ray-Ban is now a representative of fashion and fashion. But once was also a military eyewear brand!

2, One day in 1923, an American Air Force lieutenant who was famous for driving a small plane across the Atlantic and had considerable flying experience visited the well-known Bausch & Lomb company. In his flight practice, he felt deeply troubled by strong sunlight. After returning to the base, he even had nausea, vomiting, and headaches, and felt that the pilot really needed a pair of pilot sunglasses that could absorb a lot of light.

3, Since then, Bausch & Lomb has begun to develop aviator sunglasses with the above effects in accordance with the requirements of the Air Force Lieutenant. Until 1930, it finally succeeded in developing the world's first green lens aviator sunglasses that can protect the eyes of pilots. It can prevent glare and UV rays, and maintain clear and good vision in vision. It is popular among American pilots. And was named "the pilot" by the US Air Force.

4, In 1937, aviator sunglasses were introduced to the market and renamed "Ray-Ban". "Ray" means glare. "Ban" means blocking. The glare of glare is the essence of aviator sunglasses. Since then " The Ray-Ban brand is officially available. At first, this newly invented eyeglass was only the pilot's goggles. Later, it was found that it can absorb much sunlight, the divergence of less heat, and maintain good clarity in the visual aspect. It is tried in the military and the result is very satisfactory, it gradually spread to the US military. During the Second World War, Ray-Ban lenses were designated by the government as the standard for pilot sunglasses. This kind of pilot sunglasses did bring a lot of convenience to the US Air Force in carrying out combat missions. Some even called Ray-Ban the Second World War Allied. One of the heroes to win.


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